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Statement & Process

My photographs are about slowing down and noticing beauty in the world, especially that which is in danger of being lost or taken for granted. I strive for simple, subtle images that capture the intimate experience of nature, not just the striking colors or scenic vistas. I try to pull you into the image, to re-create the essential human experience of being in awe of and in rhythm with the heartbeat of the natural landscape—a fading heartbeat that we must preserve, if not for the planet, then for the soul. Most of all, I want my work to remind you to leave the computer, turn off the television, open a window, and smile at the warm gift of sunlight on your face.

The message of my work also applies to its creation. For every exposure I make, I spend many more days in the field just observing, waiting for that rare moment when season, time, and weather add up to just the right light.

I rely on creative vision, practice, patience, and luck—not digital processing or other gimmicks. I use “old-fashioned” large-format film cameras without electronics. These cameras are much larger, slower, and more difficult to operate than 35mm or digital cameras, but produce incredibly detailed, nuanced images unattainable by any other means. While the world of photography is changing, my goal will always be the same: to inspire people to slow down and appreciate the world around them.